BASE® - New Compensation Schedule & Products

BASE® has added some new products including an ERISA Wrap and Qualified Small Employer HRA. Product flyers with benefit descriptions can be found in the Sales Tools & Support section of the Toolbox. BASE® has also increased the compensation on their products and the new rates are also posted on the HealthMarkets Resource Center.

BASE® offers a variety of tax-advantaged benefit plans and compliance services, such as:

  • Section 105 HRA
  • Qualified Small Employer HRA
  • Integrated HRA
  • 125 Cafeteria Plan
  • ERISA Wrap

Whether you are working with the self-employed or business owner with multiple employees, BASE® can help your clients find additional dollars to spend on the products you sell and provide compliance services. You can save your self-employed business owners an average of $4,700 in health tax savings each year, provide clients with multiple employees with a proven means of reducing clients health insurance premium increases by 10-50% and more with the help of BASE®!

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